eClass 登入

Aims & Strengths​

1. Aims

  • To enhance students’ four language skills so that they will be made more well-equipped for further education and future work.
  • To make students take an initiative in learning English by themselves outside class time
  • To make students become responsible English learners regarding language learning with a serious attitude
  • To increase students’ exposure to English in various ways
  • To encourage panel members to continue to equip themselves with the useful skills of teaching weaker learners and those with special educational needs effectively
  • To encourage panel members to familiarize themselves with the implementation of e-learning in the classroom and the relevant techniques of catering for learner diversity

2. Strengths

  • Students, in general, are willing to finish any assigned work under teachers’ persistent and patient guidance.
  • English teachers are willing to spend extra amounts of time conducting supplementary lessons with their classes and consolidating the learning of weaker students.
  • Our department has a culture of learning from the strengths of peers.
  • English teachers are acutely aware of the need to keep updating themselves on the most recent changes of the English Language curricula.