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Subject Program Plan (2023-24)

Major concern (1): Continuation of fine-tuning of the strategies for subject-based differentiated instruction, and enhancement of the effectiveness of learning and teaching and of teachers’ assessment literacy (humanistic education)

⇨ Objectives, Action Plan & Evaluation at the subject level


Action Plan

Success Criteria

Methods of Evaluation

Teachers in charge & involved (time of implementation)


Data from assessments will be made good use of to facilitate both learning and teaching.


With students' learning difficulties identified from examination reports, appropriate teaching strategies and concrete ways of following the difficulties up will be adopted to enhance the effectiveness of both learning and teaching.

■ Students' learning difficulties will be the focus of attention in examination reports. To address their specific learning difficulties, concrete and effective ways will be proposed and then implemented.

■ Examination reports

■ Materials designed to address the identified learning difficulties

■ Evaluation of students' performance in examinations

KCW, WWY & all English teachers

(the whole school year)


Students will be able to have good learning habits cultivated so that they can take more initiative over their learning.


Before and during lessons, teachers will assign appropriate learning tasks to students in order to enhance their participation in lessons, which will in turn help result in students taking more initiative over their learning.

■ There will be at least 60% of students responding positively to the related item in the questionnaire provided.

■ Students' questionnaire

KCW, WWY & all English teachers

(the whole school year)